About Puzzle Trail

You may have already played an outdoor 'escape game' – i.e. a set of puzzles like those you might find in an escape room built around a series of locations spread out across a town or city. Puzzle Trail is an outdoor escape game where all the virtual puzzles are built around things you can find in the real world, like a natural feature or a piece of public art. Currently, all our puzzle trails are free to play.

Most people want to play the trails and you can do that right now. But we know that some of you would also like to write your own trails and in the near future we hope to be offer something for you too.

Playing trails

Playing trails is super simple and works like this:

  1. Choose a trail that you would like to do
    We're very new so right now we have a great demonstration trail that you can complete from the comfort of your own sofa called A Stroll Down The Limmat and a full interactive trail called The Star of Uster. More are in the works including a full trail in central Zurich, Switzerland and a remote trail designed to introduce you to the delights of Swiss whisky.
  2. Get yourself to the start point
    ...or if you are playing remotely just brew yourself a coffee or grab a beer
  3. Open up the trail on your smartphone web browser
    That's right, there's nothing to install, no sign up process and right now the trails are completely free
  4. Follow the instructions on screen
    Get a flavour for what to expect by watching our 2 minute video

Write your own trails

There are plenty of outdoor escape games out there already (Foxtrail run a lot of excellent ones in Switzerland), but the overwhelming majority of them require a) someone to meet you at the start & finish to provide a briefing and any needed equipment and b) the installation of items to mark the location of puzzles or to make the puzzles work. As such they can be expensive for the author to set up and run and the price tag for the player reflects that. Puzzle Trail aims to make it easy to write and run low-to-zero infrastructure outdoor escape games where the puzzles are built around things already existing in the environment (like a natural feature or a piece of public art), and the briefing, location map and any other tools you need to complete the trail are all delivered via a website that you can use with any modern smartphone without having to install any additional apps. The result is a fun outdoor escape game that be setup and run for a fraction of the normal cost, and the price tag for the player can reflect that.

The long term goal is to develop this concept into a community platform which people can use to easily write and share their own outdoor escape game with the world. It could be just a small, fun trail you put together for friends or an event you are running (like a birthday party or a stag/hen weekend), or if people want to write something more in depth we want to offer the option for them to charge people an appropriate fee to play the trails that they create, so that creators can earn money for all their hard work.

Want to know more? Drop Paul a line at paul@puzzletrail.games or sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page to be among the first to hear about new features as we roll them out.

Support Puzzle Trail

If you like the idea of what we are doing here, you want us to build it for you even faster, and you are able to do so then please support Puzzle Trail on Ko-fi for the price of a coffee or two (or even more, we really don't mind 😉).

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